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Announcing the launch of Reside Remote

Reside Remote is a bespoke online service allowing our Landlords access to their own property portal from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Developed by Reside and completely integrated into our own website and database, Reside Remote allows a Landlord to login and view Tenancy Details including Tenant’s names, rental amounts, deposit amounts, due dates and more. A Rent Statement page displays all statements with a date and in chronological order. The rent statements can be viewed within Reside Remote or downloaded in .pdf format.

A Property Maintenance page displays all invoices for the property, all dated, named and described in detail. Just like the rent statements, all invoices can either be viewed online or downloaded in .pdf format. In addition to the property invoices, Landlords can view a Property Log fed direct from our own property notes in an effort to provide more detailed information about individual maintenance issues. With all invoices visible to Landlords at any time, we aim to be as transparent as possible.

The final page within Reside Remote is the Your Details page, displaying the details we currently hold for the particular Landlord logged in. Details include an address, telephone numbers and an email address. These can be checked and changed if required.

Please try the demo of Reside Remote on our Home Page; http://www.residebath.co.uk/

If you are one of Reside’s existing Landlords and would like to take advantage of our Reside Remote service please do not hesitate in contacting Ben at ben@residebath.co.uk for a username and password. There is no extra charge for this service.

If you already have your username and password, please login at http://www.residebath.co.uk/remote/login.php and enjoy!

We hope that anyone who uses the service finds it a very helpful and useful tool in the management of your property. We always welcome feedback and any suggestions to improve the Reside Remote service. This only version 1.1. after all!


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