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Reside sponsor David Hempleman-Adams in the Gordon Bennett 2010 Ballon Race

Local adventurer David Hempleman-Adams is currently sat in a small basket with his co-pilot, Simon Carey, travelling at a rate of 30 knots above Rome. Team GBR3 are 1 of only 6 teams left flying in the 2010 Gordon Bennett Balloon Race. You can track their progress by clicking here.

As one of David Hempleman-Adams sponsors, Reside were invited to the launch of the race from a small farm located to the North West of Bristol. It was a beautiful Saturday evening but the winds were just a little too strong and ended up delaying the start of the race by 7 hours. Having won the race 2 years ago, but beaten last year by the French, David made it very clear in his pre-start speech that he wanted to convincingly win this time around!

Good luck David and Simon, we will be following you all the way and wishing you the very best. We can’t wait to hear of your travels once you get back, winners of the Gordon Bennett 2010 Race!

For more photos of David, the Balloon and the start of the race, visit Reside’s Facebook Page;



Property Portal iPhone Applications. Which is the best?

There’s no avoiding it, Apple’s iPhone is an incredibly popular multimedia gadget and a lot of people are now the proud owners of one. All of the major property portals now have iPhone and iPad applications available to download for free, which are all meant to aid in the search for that perfect property, but just how useful are they?


Rightmove were the first to release their iPhone App back in August 2009. At the time it was the only property search application released by one of the major portals, not being challenged until FindaProperty released their app in February 2010. With a 7 month head start Rightmove had a great chance to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, whilst the application is very attractive and simple to use, it did little other than display a few very low resolution pictures with a description of the property. The low resolution pictures also took a very long time to load, some not loading at all. The major part missing was in interactive map.

A series of updates were released for the application in the months following it’s release, simply to address bugs and problems. Since the release of the other property portal applications from FinaProperty and Zoopla, Rightmove have now added an interactive map to the application. Rightmove is currently the highest rated property portal search application on iTunes with a score of 3.5 / 5 from 18880 ratings.

Rightmove Application Score:


FindaProperty released their iPhone App in February 2010. The major feature of the application was it’s integration with GoogleMaps on the iPhone, allowing a user to search for available properties around their current location or by simply browsing areas of the map. In addition, a user can get directions from their current location to the property they have chosen to view. By integrating the application with GoogleMaps that are already on the iPhone, the experience is quick and rewarding. This feature accompanied with larger images viewable as a slide show in a good resolution meant that the FindaProperty App could do everything the Rightmove App could and a lot more. A much higher standard of property search tool on the iPhone had been established.

The FindaProperty Application currently has a score on iTunes of 3 / 5 from 5908 ratings.

FindaProperty Application Score:


Zoopla have the most recent iPhone App released in July 2010. The largest feature that may well hurt the main competitors Rightmove and Findaproperty apps is the ability for Zoopla to offer all the data it has on every UK home. Just like the FinaProperty app, it has map-led search (map and hybrid options) as well as list view and Augmented Reality. While Rightmove and Findaproperty apps only offer For Sale and To Rent searches, Zoopla can give value estimates for all 27 million UK homes, with 15 million+ house prices paid dating back to 1995. Zoopla’s application also provides local market data including average home values by area.

Zoopla’s application can also search for property using the iPhone’s built in camera. By selecting the camera search, the app uses the iPhone’s GPS and compass to display properties on the screen that are available for sale or rent wherever you are pointing the camera. Whilst this may be a bit of a gimmick, it is a very interactive way of searching for property.

With it’s advanced features, high resolutions photos and vast amount of property information, the Zoopla Application is the best property portal application so far. The Zoopla Application currently has a score on iTunes of 3 / 5 from 433 ratings.

Zoopla Application Score: