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For many, a burger is an essential part of daily life; McDonald’s sell 75 meat patties every second, feeding around 1% of the world’s population each day. For others it is a work of art; the construction of a burger alone can provoke a series of impassioned dichotomies amongst foodies: gherkin or no gherkin? Ketchup or relish? Bread roll or brioche bun? The burger is so popular that it now has its own dedicated day in the calendar; the 27th of August is now National Burger Day.

As any local resident will know, Bath has a myriad of high quality independent restaurants, and those wishing to celebrate National Burger Day are in luck. In fact, such is the choice that you may struggle to decide who to reward with your custom. Fear not, for our commitment to this cause has led us to eat many a burger, just so we can bring you this highly informed Reside5.

Who serves your favourite burger? Have we forgotten anyone? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

1. Burgers & Barrels
Victoria Buildings, Lower Bristol Road
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A cosy bar that has gained popularity for its cocktails and stonking great burgers, especially ‘The Hulk’ – two kilos of prime beef, drenched in melted cheese and squeezed between a couple of buns which by comparison look minuscule.

Consume The Hulk within 30 minutes and it’s free; failure will cost you £30. To date, 70 people have tried… and 67 have failed. A wide range of other delicious burgers are available for us mere mortals who would probably faint at the mere sight of The Hulk.

2. Schwartz Bros.
102 Walcot Street / Sawclose
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When we posed the question of Bath’s best burger to our Twitter followers, this gourmet takeaway which has remained under family ownership for nearly 40 years came out as the clear favourite:

The company’s website proudly proclaims the sources of its beef and the exact cuts that they use, so diners can be confident that they are eating a burger of the highest quality.

3. Grillstock
The Vaults, Brunel Square
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Having initially made waves in (whisper it quietly) Bristol, Grillstock brought their brand of ‘proper Southern style BBQ’ to Bath and have firmly established themselves as one of the most popular destinations for hungry West Country folk.

The Lockjaw Burger will satisfy most stomachs, comprising two 5oz patties, pulled pork, brisket, burnt ends, cheese and pickles. Those who have already conquered The Hulk may wish to attempt the Grand Champion; Grillstock will give you a generous 60 minutes to consume four different types of meat – but no burger is included, so we cannot officially sanction the challenge on National Burger Day!

4. Bath Brew House
James Street West
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Bath Brew House is renowned for its on-site brewery, which helped them to be christened Bath’s CAMRA Pub of the Year 2015. This means that not only can you enjoy an exquisite burger here, you can also wash it down with some mouthwatering ale that you won’t find anywhere else.

The burger of choice is the Maximus, a towering concoction of beef, bacon, brisket, pulled pork, beetroot, onion ring, fried egg and whatever else the chefs can lay their hands on!

5. G.P.T Smokehouse
Lower Bristol Road
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The Tack Brothers established Bath’s other favourite smokehouse quite literally from the embers of their previous business, which was tragically destroyed by a fire.

G.P.T is perhaps best known for its delicious sticky ribs, but their signature Dirty Burger with smoked bacon represents the wonderful woody flavours of the handmade hot smoker that they imported specially from Oklahoma.

These burger joints have all been added to our Reside Map of Bath, which pinpoints the eclectic points of interest that we write about in our blogs – from burgers to ghost signs to historical plaques! Feel free to look at it as you wander the city, you may find yourself standing right next to an undiscovered gem.

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