From Bath to Bucha: taking supplies to the front line

We never truly know how we will cope with adversity until it happens. We all have equally valid ways of processing the atrocities that unfold on a daily basis in Ukraine; some of us protect ourselves from the news, some become consumed by it, whilst others feel compelled to act.
When Joseph, a tenant of ours living in Bath, told me about his response to the Ukraine crisis, I felt compelled to share it. He is a brave and generous man, and his efforts deserve recognition and support.

In his own words and pictures…

“I’ve been volunteering in Ukraine a lot over the past month.

“I have completed 2 deliveries of high quality front line medical equipment to Ukraine, where it reaches the frontlines, field hospitals and medics on the ground within 48 hours of me delivering it (I load up my van and drive it there myself, 3,500 miles there and back).

“I’m taking tourniquets, burn dressings, all different kinds of bandages including compression bandages and haemostatic gauze, catheter for chest decompression as well as humanitarian aid mainly for children, which I have distributed personally and have contacts within Lviv train station refugee camp, where up to 400,000 have been helped since the war. The second lot of humanitarian aid I hand delivered to Bucha Children’s Clinic with the help of the Mayor of Bucha, who I am also still in personal contact with. I was also one of the first to get aid into Bucha after it was liberated from the Russians. I plan on continuing to do this, thanks to the contacts I have made on my previous trips linking me up with the right people.

“I have also met with the heads of department at Kyiv’s main hospital, a Member of Parliament in Ukraine, a guy from the Ukranian MoD and a commander in the Ukranian Special Forces, so I have an in depth understanding of what is needed and in short supply on the ground.

“Thanks to my contacts at The Bath Clinic (a private hospital), the RUH and Exeter hospital, I find myself in the unique position of being able to get these people exactly what they need,  quickly and directly into the hands of people who need it most. It just costs a bit of money and a bit of my time!

“I’m working alongside 2 non-profit Ukranian organisations, Public Trust (our fixers) and the Angels of War Foundation (who drive our kit into the front, into the hotspots). More information on these guys and links to their pages can be found on my fundraising page:

“So far I have fundraised £2,700 to cover costs, had almost £10,000 in kit donated and have recently got the backing from the restaurant chain Turtle Bay, where next week they will be launching a Ukraine themed cocktail and donate 50p for each one sold to my fund.”

If you wish to support Joseph’s work in Ukraine, and can afford to do so, you can find his fundraising page here:

Toby Martin

Toby holds a Level 3 ARLA Propertymark qualification and runs the 'engine room' at Reside, making sure that properties are perfectly-presented and that they are let quickly at a good rent. When not working, Toby is happiest when enjoying a day's cricket.