So, what did we learn at Propertymark One?

If you are involved any way in the property landscape in the UK and beyond, then your social media will likely have shown you that this year’s Propertymark One took place a week ago. If you missed that news then yes, the annual conference led by the property sectors professional body, Propertymark, was held on the 14th of June at the London ExCeL and gave us industry professionals a days insight into the changes the property world may see in the next 12 months. Alongside this we also got presented with new ideas around how we as professionals should be utilising our social platforms. This blog will give you a look into the day we had and our key takeaways from this event going forward.

election year graphic with ballot paper and date

The General Election –

Well it’s nearly here, you can almost touch those 2024 general election ballot papers. Last month, Rishi Sunak called a sudden general election following a positive start to the year for his party. In his announcement speech, he said the economy was growing faster than any other country in the G7, and his government had begun to reduce inflation in the country. However, as is customary, the opposition is keen to point out that it is more likely he called the election as the economy is stalling.

Either way, the general election is nearly upon us and the country is more than likely to see a new party come into power, most likely Labour if recent polls are to be believed. So what did the experts at this year’s Propertymark One have to say following the sudden news?

Well, the overarching opinion is that in the next couple of weeks, we are likely to see a slowdown in the property market’s cogs, a property pause if you will. People are most likely to stay put and wait to find out what the new leadership party may do to affect parts of our income streams, such as stamp duty, and other taxes before they make a move toward moving home. If stamp duty is reduced, or even as some manifestos are suggesting, get abolished entirely for young people and first-time buyers, then we may see a sudden influx of house buying. Either way, the election will bring about change and it is also more than likely that we will see a spike in the housing market (potentially an 18% increase in the first 4 weeks after the election based on past data) after the election if past trends are to continue, and inflation continues to fall.

Propertymark membership

The Importance of being a Propertymark Member –

Propertymark is the professional body for the property sector and continues to equip member businesses and individuals with all the necessary tools, training and qualifications for all sectors and staff. Nationally recognised, Propertymark allows agents to display their level of CPD (continued professional development) and the professional standards they adhere to.

This year’s PMOne continued to reiterate that being a PM (Propertymark) member is not only important for showcasing your level of professionalism in the industry but also the benefits of being a PM member. With a new level of qualifications, new benefits for members and the introduction of the company membership, it is an exciting time to be a member. So, as the market and the industry is due to see significant changes in the coming months, it is reassuring for our clients to know that we are Propertymark protected and are keeping up with the latest industry changes.

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Marketing as an Agency –

In the past marketing as an agency involved just creating some form of content showcasing your listings and maybe a new team member if you were so lucky and creative. However, in recent times this has changed. People are more interested than ever in doing business with people they feel they already know when they want to bring their house to market or find a place to rent.

There was a big emphasis this year on agencies marketing themselves differently. Instead of just showing off the latest and greatest home you may have coming to market and boasting the price it is on the market for, we should be getting our faces in front of the camera, giving people a voice and person to engage with and then do more than just show off the property. People want to hear about the story behind the house and the rooms inside, the land surrounding, and all that good house stuff.

Most importantly, it was advised that agencies should be doing more than a whistle-stop tour of a home on their social platforms. They should be advertising their expertise and knowledge of the local area they cover, showing the latest news in the property landscape, going out locally and showing off the people in their company, going out and about in the neighbourhoods, showcasing local places people may want to visit or be interested in if they are re-locating and are new to town. The idea is that agencies should not only be a place people come to for their home, but for advice about the place they call home.

All of this effort is in the pursuit of making your agency stand out from the crowd, while at the event we were asked to sit down if we didn’t post certain things on social media, and by the end, in a room full of around 50 people, just 3 were left standing. Again, agencies need to become a place people can go to not only for a home but for advice on the local area or an issue they’re having in their property and know your agency is a place where they can step into for the first time, but feel like they are already friendly with you and have made a connection.

This effort is also made to create a trail of breadcrumbs that may lead to future business. For example, if someone is looking to relocate to the city and previously saw a video of your agencies showcasing the beauty of the city you are in, then they may be enticed to get in contact with you first over the other competing agents in town. Alongside this, they may also see some content of yours regarding the local amenities in the city and then trust that you know the city well, leading to a sense of trust, and then contact you regarding a sale of a house. The more listings and people you make an impression on, the more people are likely to recommend you and word of mouth will spread. Leaving these breadcrumb trails back to your agency across various channels is crucial to success in the digital age.

Rounding-Off –

Overall then, the key takeaways from this article are:

  1. Be prepared: There is more than likely to be a flurry of activity after the election. Be prepared for any outcome. Make sure your team know and is made aware of any legislative changes that may be put into effect over the coming months.
  2. Propertymark Membership: This is continuing to be an amazing asset to any team of any size. Individual or Company membership is available and will not only boost credibility as an agent but come with some amazing perks too.
  3. Social Media is Power: The modern era of property agency is upon us. AI assistance will be here before we know it and social media will likely become the leading influence in the next generation choosing an agency when renting or buying a home, based on their connection with the people in the company and the brand they are presented with online. An online presence is so important and you must take the steps now to cement yourself in your local area and get that extra yard on the competition.

So, if you want to get connected with us and see what we are doing on social media, then please go and follow us on all platforms, and as ever, if you want to come and say hi you can find our contact details at the top right of the page.