The Great Bath Feast

Reside5 – The Great Bath Feast 2016

Now in its fifth year and firmly established as a firm favourite in Bath’s festival calendar, The Great Bath Feast is once again set to delight revelers with a tantalising array of foodie events. From tastings to talks to walking tours, there is nourishment on offer for anyone with an inquisitive palate. After much deliberating

Bath's Best Breakfasts

Reside5 – Bath’s Best Breakfasts

Just as spinach gave Popeye the muscles to bop Bluto on the head, breakfast lends us all the get up and go we require to face a day’s work and still have the beans for that game of squash in the evening. We are currently in the midst of National Breakfast Week, a week long

Reside5 – Bath’s Best Burgers

For many, a burger is an essential part of daily life; McDonald’s sell 75 meat patties every second, feeding around 1% of the world’s population each day. For others it is a work of art; the construction of a burger alone can provoke a series of impassioned dichotomies amongst foodies: gherkin or no gherkin? Ketchup

Bath Ghost Signs

Reside5 – I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost Sign!

Bath is rightfully globally renowned for its glorious Georgian architecture and radiant Bath stone, which to this day still gives onlookers an idea of how the city’s 18th Century streets would have appeared. Look closer, however, past the curved façade of The Royal Crescent and the imperious columns of The Circus, and you will notice

Reside5 – Plaqueadder Goes Forth!

In this third and final instalment of our ‘Plaque’ trilogy, we return to the lives hidden behind Bath’s historical plaques. Our previous two blogs – Plaque To The Future and The Empire Strikes Plaque – shone a light on ten remarkable lives, from the first White Rajah to a dueling thespian to the pioneer of

Reside5 – The Great Bath Feast

Such is the passion in Bath for high quality, locally sourced food and drink, the city’s motto should really be ‘Liberty, Equality, Gastronomy’. The Great Bath Feast is a month-long celebration of all things edible, and this year’s event promises to be the biggest, busiest and most filling one yet. From farmers’ markets to cocktail

Reside5 – The Empire Strikes Plaque

In Plaque To The Future, our first blog in this series looking at Bath’s array of historical plaques and the stories behind them, we focused on five of the city’s most distinguished former residents. In our second blog on this subject, we have carefully combed through the names which adorn our Georgian walls and looked

Reside5 – Half Term Trips

For many, the peace and romance of Valentine’s Day will be shattered at around 3pm as Bath’s schools jettison an avalanche of excitable children from the sanctuary of the schoolyard and tyrannised teachers hastily secure the gates behind them for a week. With half term upon us, many a hassled household will be doing their

Reside5 – Christmas in Bath

It’s the week before Christmas and here at Reside, We feel it our duty to help and to guide. We love Bath in winter and have cherry-picked things, That reflect Christmas and the joy that it brings. So when you get home from your Christmas excursion And are indulging in some mince pie immersion, Or

Reside5 – Plaque To The Future!

‘The tiresome journey from London – it took almost two days by coach.’ Lowndes, William, 1982. They came to Bath. Bristol: Redcliffe Press. This journey was taken by many a celebrity visiting Bath in the 17th and 18th century, some of whom stayed and grew to love the bustling, cosmopolitan spa city. Bath then was