Mr. Doodle comes to Bath

Mr Doodle posing with Pacman

What is black and white and wobbly all over?

Mr. Doodles doodles!

Internet sensation and talented artist Mr. Doodle (Sam Cox) is coming to Bath this week to showcase his incredible talents. With nearly 3 million followers on Instagram, Mr. Doodle has taken his artwork far and wide and presented his talents everywhere he goes.

Most recently, he has produced a freehand sketched mural of his signature artwork on the front facia of a parking complex in Texas to promote his new film, The Trouble with Mr. Doodle, and prior to this he created a piece with iconic video game character Pac-Man at the center of attention whilst in Tokyo.  

(Source: Mr. Doodle on Instagram)

Mr. Doodles fabulous creations will be taking over (Literally not figuratively) an exhibit in the Holbourne Museum from the 3rd of May until the 1st of September this year.

Alongside this there will be other exciting installations across the city, including him covering a phone box in Southgate shopping center which we will be there covering.

(Source: Mr. Doodle on Instagram)

For more information, search for Mr. Doodle visits Bath on your web browser of choice and that will all be available. For more “what’s going on’s” in and around Bath, then follow our social media channels linked below – and come back to this blog soon.

Until then, enjoy your weeks,

Alex (Marketing Assistant | Reside)