Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 (13th-19th May 2024)

The 13th-19th of May 2024 is mental health awareness week. This year, The Mental Health Foundation is promoting how movement can help improve your mental health.

Research has found that regular movement or physical activity can release the ‘feel-good’ hormones that help boost mood, alertness and self-esteem whilst also reducing stress and anxiety. Just a short 10–15-minute burst of brisk walking can help us to feel better.

There are many points in the day when we find ourselves waiting for things. Waiting in line for your morning coffee, waiting for the microwave to warm up your lunch. We all end up waiting around at some point in the day. During these moments, get in some movement. Even small movements when you are waiting around, such as stretching or even walking in place. These can all help you achieve your goals no matter how big or small. Any movement has been found to help us, so even in those busiest of days, try and get moving.

Movement can also be made more enjoyable by finding an activity to take part in, alone or with others. Exploring the natural environment and trying out new experiences is a great way to get that movement in and maybe meet some new friends along the way.

Movement comes in all different forms and looks different for everyone so don’t go around comparing your movement to others. Remember, you don’t have to be super sporty to get the mental health benefits of movement. Focus on yourself and do not feel pressured to keep up with someone else.

If you want to read more about this then head over to Boost your mental health by moving more | Mental Health Foundation – and learn more about all the amazing things you can do.