Reside Bath Charity Bake Off

Brownies, Cupcakes & Muffins: Reside Bake for Charity

A Reside bake off has raised £220 for Macmillan Cancer Support, with each member of the team swapping pens & e-mails for whisks & rolling pins. Clients, local businesses and interested passers-by called into the Reside office to browse and buy an assortment of surprisingly delectable sweet treats, with all of the proceeds going to

Reside Retain Crown of Boules

The perennially popular Bath Boules tournament returned to Queen Square this year, along with its customary cornucopia of fancy dress, frivolity and fizz. The Reside team, who won the competition in 2014 and 2016, arrived in the knowledge that no team had ever carried home the trophy two years running. Ten grueling boules matches later,

Reside Bath Half Marathon Team 2017

Bath Half Marathon 2017

A record number of fleet-footed long distance runners stampeded through the streets of Bath last Sunday, accompanied by the sound of samba drummers and enthusiastic well-wishers. Among the 12,748 athletes was a jogging dinosaur, a gaggle of sumo wrestlers and four intrepid Reside racers. Congratulations to Mark, Lisa, James & Toby on completing the course

Reside Bath Zero Tenant Fees

Zero Tenant Fees During December

Terms & Conditions Applies to all applicants who make an offer to rent a property in December 2016, which is accepted by the Landlord, subject to satisfactory references and contract. We will start the referencing process and prepare your Tenancy Agreement as soon as your offer is accepted. You will have five working days from

The Great Bath Feast

Reside5 – The Great Bath Feast 2016

Now in its fifth year and firmly established as a firm favourite in Bath’s festival calendar, The Great Bath Feast is once again set to delight revelers with a tantalising array of foodie events. From tastings to talks to walking tours, there is nourishment on offer for anyone with an inquisitive palate. After much deliberating

Bath's Best Breakfasts

Reside5 – Bath’s Best Breakfasts

Just as spinach gave Popeye the muscles to bop Bluto on the head, breakfast lends us all the get up and go we require to face a day’s work and still have the beans for that game of squash in the evening. We are currently in the midst of National Breakfast Week, a week long

Alarm Bells For Landlords: new legislation just a week away

New regulations enforcing the provision of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in privately rented properties are now just one week away. After several months of speculation and debate, the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Act 2015 was finally passed by Parliament on the 14th of September – leaving landlords just two and a half

Reside5 – Bath’s Best Burgers

For many, a burger is an essential part of daily life; McDonald’s sell 75 meat patties every second, feeding around 1% of the world’s population each day. For others it is a work of art; the construction of a burger alone can provoke a series of impassioned dichotomies amongst foodies: gherkin or no gherkin? Ketchup

Bath Boules 2015

Bath Boules 2015: The Reside Retrospective

Bath Boules returned in 2015 with a bigger, better and more exciting tournament. Two sides of Queen Square were closed to traffic, and the roads lined with boutique food and drink stalls run by the likes of Yammo!, Pieminister and Masterchef champion Ping Coombes. The event, sponsored by a host of local businesses including Reside,

Bath Ghost Signs

Reside5 – I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost Sign!

Bath is rightfully globally renowned for its glorious Georgian architecture and radiant Bath stone, which to this day still gives onlookers an idea of how the city’s 18th Century streets would have appeared. Look closer, however, past the curved façade of The Royal Crescent and the imperious columns of The Circus, and you will notice